Angular Basic Concept

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Rijwan Ansari

Angular Directives

In Angular, Directives are good features for re-usability.

-Directives are used for reusable purpose for example Time Picker Controller, Data Picker Controller, File Upload Controller as well as any kind of custom logic and custom validation to control that as required by the program.

-Directives are like user control in ASP.NET Web Pages and HTML extension in ASP.NET MVC applications.

-Keep in mind that if you are creating Directive for reusable purpose then it should not use the scope of any controller and should work independent of scope or controller.

-Don’t write any Directive name starting with ng- as it may create the conflict with Angular directives also can generate the ambiguity.

Global Variable in Angular

Since, a Single Page App it is very necessary to avoid the Global Variable because the Garbage Collector will never be triggered out to clear the Global Variable in SPA.

Unit Testing

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Visual Studio Installation Guide for Starter

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Rijwan Ansari

Step 1: Make sure your computer is ready for Visual Studio

  1. whether your computer supports Visual Studio 2017 or not Please check the system requirements.
  1. Apply the latest Windows updates. These updates ensure that your computer has both the latest security updates and the required system components for Visual Studio.
  2. Reboot the computer to ensure any pending installs or updates are completed and they don’t hinder the Visual Studio install.
  3. If you don’t have enough space, then Free up. Remove unneeded files and applications from your %SystemDrive% by, for example, running the Disk Cleanup app.

Step 2: Download Visual Studio 2017

Click the following link, click Save and then Open file.


Step 3: Install the Visual Studio Installer

Now, run the bootstrapper file to install the Visual Studio Installer. This new lightweight installer includes everything you need to both install and customize Visual Studio 2017.

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How to Start with Materialize CSS

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Rijwan Ansari

The beginners may have some difficulties about how to start and learn the materialize design.  Here is a simple steps to learn and quick start with materialize design.

  1. Add the Following link

2. Add following line of html

3. Add following script

Design sample of above materialize css will look like

Screenshot-2017-12-30 - Hospitality UI

More Details Click Here

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Using Web App for Containers in a Multi-Tier Application

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Ahmed Elnably joins Scott Hanselman to discuss a sample project, Developer Finder, that was created to showcase how to use Web App for Containers in the context of a multi-tiered application.

Passing Data from Controller Action Method to View in ASP.NET Core

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We can pass the Data from Controller to View in 2 ways.

1. ViewData

Example for Single value data

Action Controller Code

ViewData[“MyViewName”] =” Type string to pass here”;

To show it in the View, we can write @ViewData[“Key”]

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Controller Action Code

List list=new List();
For(int i=0; i<10;i++)

Then, in View we need to set the value of ViewData[“ListItems”] as the collection of integer list.

View Code

@foreach (int I in (List)ViewData[“ListItems”])
@i <br/>

2. ViewBag

 ViewBag is easier and simple way. It accepts data as objects so we can set any type of data.

Controller Code

ViewBag.MyViewBagName=”Send the data that you wanted ”;

View Code

@ViewBag. MyViewBagName

Another example to set the list of integers in ViewBag

Control Code

List list=new List();
For(int i=0; i<10;i++)

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Build Your Own Cortana Skill

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Building a Cortana skill means that Cortana can use your bots, services, websites, and apps to help people – but did you know that you can write the whole skill with C# and .NET? During this session, we’ll learn about Cortana and the Skills Kit, build a skill step-by-step, and discuss how you can work with Cortana to build personalized, intelligent experiences for your users. Skills built in this session will work across Windows 10, Android, iOS, and headless devices such as the Harman Kardon speaker. Following this talk, you’ll understand how Cortana skills work, be able to build your own skill, and know where to go for help and support along the way.

What’s New in Visual Studio 2017

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Visual Studio is a productivity game changer for C#! The .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”) enables many new experiences that will change the way you write and debug code. In this session, we’ll dig into features that bring a new level of awesome to the C# language and IDE experience. Come learn about new language features, refactoring support, major debugging enhancements, code-aware frameworks, and much more!